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About temporary tattoos
Bright and colorful, miniature and minimalistic, female and elegant temporary tattoos are already available! The pictures are easy to apply, look fresh on your skin for about three-seven days, do not cause irritation and are easily washed off with a sponge and soap. Temporary tattoos are
~ A great addition to any image;
~ Bright accessory for the event / evening;
~ A good way to accentuate your personality;
~ Opportunity to wear a tattoo for several days, if you can’t decide to make a real one yet;
~ A wonderful gift for your close person.

Among the Kapi Leopard design tattoos you can choose a picture to your taste - black & white and colored, detailed and minimalistic, photos turned into tattoos. Do you want a miniature infinity sign on your wrist? Or, on the contrary, bright roses on the whole hand? You choose the size of the picture you like, from XS to XL, and for some temporary tattoos you can even choose a color! The collection is constantly updated - write in Direct and on the e-mail of the store, what kind of tattoos do you want to see in the collection - and a picture according to your wishes may appear on the site soon.

Applying such tattoo does not require special skills or special equipment.
~ Just gently remove the transparent film from the picture;
~ Put the front side of the image on clean, dry skin;
~ Properly waterlog a paper with warm water for 15-20 seconds, use a washcloth or a piece of clot;
~ The paper should get wet and be separated well, and the tattoo should remain on the skin;
~ Blot the picture on the skin with a towel or napkin, also carefully, not rubbing it;
~ The tattoo looks beautiful on your skin about three-seven days, depending on the place of application.



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How to apply a tattoo

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